BEST 6 Cheap Bluetooth Speakers

Everything goes wireless, so do the audio extras. They give you maximum convenience due to its functionality and portability. However, that does mean they are pricey. You still can find cheap Bluetooth speakers, of course.

Please remember that budget speakers are not equivalent to low-quality products. That’s why we urge you to buy the affordable yet great audio player. Let’s keep reading to prove they really exist.

1. Anker Soundcore 2 Portable Cheap Bluetooth Speakers

1 Cheap Bluetooth Speakers


Product Detail :

  • Product Dimensions  6.5 x 2.2 x 1.8 inches
  • Item Weight 12.6 ounces
  • Playtime 24 Hours / 5200mAh li-ion battery
  • Bluetooth Range 66ft
  • 12W of pure Audio power
  • Ipx5

This speaker is specifically built to be the true rival of super expensive audio system. It does not lie at all. The sound quality is more excellent than larger speaker. Its low ends surprisingly diminish at the frequency of 150 Hz.

Plus, the key to high-quality performance is a spiral bass port, double 6-watt speakers and 1.5-inch drivers. The battery lasts up to 24 hours which is so amazing. And it supports Bluetooth 4.2. It indicates that it has solid connectivity.

In terms of Bluetooth distance range, it transmits up to 66 feet. If you want to hear the songs over your devices, you can plug your SD card into the auxiliary input jack.

Its size is 6.5 x 2.2 x 1.8 inches. Even though it is small, Anker Soundcore 2 is one of the great-sounding cheap Bluetooth speakers. It delivers crystal clear output. There is almost no harmonic distortion.

If you are looking for something portable, you won’t go wrong with it. The design is compact, stylish and modern. Just put it in the travel bag to accompany you along your adventurous journey.

The Anker Soundcore 2’s waterproof is rated at IPX5. This speaker will certainly survive water splashes. So you can place it beside the lake, pool and beach. No worries about your spilled drinks too.

You might get surprised that it costs less than $50. But it still features built-in microphone to allow you have enjoyable hands-free phone calls. Then, it is available with micro USB charging table. So, what else could you ask more?


  • It has long-lasting rechargable battery.

  • The speaker produces optimum sound with crisp and heavy bass.

  • Anker Soundcore 2 connects to all Bluetooth-enabled devices.

  • It possesses the waterproof and drop-proof characters.

  • You can have stable Bluetooth connection up to 66 feet.

  • Bluetooth 4.2 wireless technology improves the pairing speed.

  • It looks super cool and polished.


  • There is no carrying handle.

Price : $39.99

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2. DOSS Touch Wireless Cheap Bluetooth Speakers


Product Detail :

  • Product Dimensions 6.6 x 2.9 x 2.7 inches
  • Item Weight 1.65 pounds
  • 12W full-bodied stereo 
  • 360-degree stereo
  • 12 hours playtime / 2,200 mAh
  • Bluetooth, Micro SD, Aux-In
  • Bluetooth-enabled devices up to 33 ft

Do you work from home? If yes, this is gonna be fabulous accessory in your lovely home office. Although you sit on the desktop every day, your day won’t be dull and boring.

It comes in the handy, modern and sophisticated design. For the color options, they are available in ocean blue, matte black, passion red and metallic white. You probably want to have more than one.

According to the name, you definitely can guess it enables you to control the volume by touching the screen on top. The blue LED backlight illuminates the power, mode and loudness buttons.

To raise the volume, just turn the circular loudness control clockwise. While anti-clockwise one is used to lower the volume. Below the control buttons function to skip and repeat the song tracks.

Then, the upper right volume button, it is for controlling the phone calls, playing and pausing the music. To manage the trebel and sound bass, tap the button on the upper right.

You will also experience superior sound performance, thanks to its bass and dual 6-watt speakers. Plus, it adopts 360-degree sound technology. Like some cheap Bluetooth speakers, its Bluetooth connection distance is around 33 feet.

Moreover, you can opt for cordlessly pair your smartphone to DOSS portable speaker by means of Bluetooth. However, you might be interested to utilize auxiliary and micro SD card ports.

You will be able to enjoy smooth and clear hands-free calls as well. The built-in microphone ensures you get the premium talk time.

If you work from the home for several hours, the speaker will meet your expectation. It guarantees to give you seamless music up to 12 hours. Make sure you play it at 75% of its maximum volume.

The Doss wireless speaker is equipped with onboard 2,200 mAh battery. Just in case it runs out of battery, you can recharge it using micro USB cable. It usually gets the charging job done in 3-4 hours.

Unfortunately, the ports show that the speaker cannot withstand light and heavy rains. As long as you just bring it indoor, it is not big issue. Bear in mind, outdoor use eventually leads to damaged product.


  • This speaker is lightweight, small and portable.

  • DOSS Touch has pleasantly minimal design.

  • Touch-only buttons allow you to control everything easily.

  • There are 4 attractive color choices.

  • The play time of DOSS Touch is quite long.

  • You can have good-quality sound output and handsfree calls.


  • It is just suitable for indoor activities.

Price : $28.99

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3. OontZ Angle 3 Splashproof Cheap Bluetooth Speakers


Product Detail :

  • Product Dimensions 5.3 x 2.8 x 2.6 inches
  • Item Weight 9 ounces
  • 10 watts of peak output power
  • IPX5 Water Resistant
  • Up to 12 hours playtime in 2/3 volume ( 2,200 mAh )
  • Micro SD, Aux-In, Built in Mic
  • Bluetooth 4.2 up to 30 ft

For you who dedicate yourself to be an adventurer, give this speaker a try. It mainly works as the outdoor audio extra. The Oontz Angle 3 will make your camping trips, beach parties and backyard events more special.

Speaking of the speaker design, it comes in the triangular shape. The design seems so stylish and up-to-date. Even you can set the speaker in the inflatable drink holder. It is also able to stand up and lay down on the floor or poolside.

You can stream the music on the go for up to 7 hours in large spaces. The 2,200 mAh battery powers up the speaker for roughly 20 hours. Included USB cable is usedfor recharging the device.

To play the music wirelessly, pair your mobile phone to the speaker via Bluetooth. The Bluetooth connectivity reaches approximately 30 feet. It is possibly the largest distancedrange compared to other cheap Bluetooth speakers.

It comes with auxiliary input jack too. This special port plays as the home for 3.5 mm audio cable. So, you can still listen to movies, games and music despite you have non Bluetooth-enabled devices.

OontZ Angle 3 features built-in microphones with 10 watts of sound output, a bass radiator, double drivers. They produce deep bass quality, powerful audio, crisp mids and highs.

Not only that, this is one of cheap Bluetooth speakers which can deliver clear and distortion-free voice at the maximum volume. It aims for a convenient call without touching your phone.

Due to its IPX5 waterproof index, it lets you enjoy the music and conversation in the shower, at the beach and by swimming pool. It wonderfully survives the rain splashes too.


  • The sound performance of OontZ Angle 3 is incredibly magnificent.

  • You can place it vertically and horizontally.

  • It is totally portable and compact.

  • The wireless speaker connects to your smartphones quickly.

  • It is rain-proof and shower-proof.

  • Gives you ease of use.

  • OontZ Angle 3 comes in three eye-catching shades.


  • It’s 7 hours of playtime is not long enough.

Price : $25.99 

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4. JBL Clip 2 Waterproof Portable Cheap Bluetooth Speakers


Product Detail :

  • Product Dimensions 3.7 x 1.7 x 5.6 inches
  • Item Weight 6.6 ounces
  • IPX7 Waterproof Rating
  • Integrated 3.5mm Audio Cable
  • Mic for Speakerphone Calls
  • Connects with Additional Clip 2 Speaker
  • 8 hours of playtime

Are you always on the move? Its compactness will obviously capture your heart. The speaker’s main body has circular shape. However, it comes with a clip. Just hook it to your backpack, cloth or rope.

JBL Clip 2 only weights 6.6 Ounces. In the world of cheap Bluetooth speakers, it is the lightest one. Although it is small, it fantastically fills a medium room. This speaker also can jazz up the party for up to 5 hours.

Furthermore, there are five rubbery buttons situated on the speaker’s outer periphery. They consist of power, volume up, volume down, Bluetooth and call/pause controls.

On a full charge, it has standby time of 8 hours. To anticipate the dead battery, the speaker is equipped with USB charging port. It lies between power and Bluetooth buttons. If you like wired listening, you can use integrated 3.55mm audio cable.

It includes daisy chain functionality, so you will be able to connect two wireless speakers at the same time. Of course, it offers louder and richer sound output.

Beyond the mentioned points, JBL Clip 2 has IPX7 rating. It means that you can place it by the pool. This tiny speaker is fully splash-proof.

When it comes to the sound quality, JBL Clip provides balanced bass and treble. For the mids and highs, they are clearly separated. Because this speaker features 40mm tranducer and 3-watt speaker.

You can play the music from any genre such as electronic dance music, hip-hop, popular, classic jazz, new-age and rock. Whatever your option, JBL Clip 2 won’t dissapoint you.


  • Aesthetically pleasing and outdoor-friendly design.

  • Offers solid, loud and excellent audio performance.

  • It plays the music for some hours.

  • Has protection against water splashes and spilled drinks.

  • The carabiner makes it easy to clip-on.


  • The track button is unable to resume playback.

Price : $37.40  

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5. Vtin 20W Outdoor Cheap Bluetooth Speakers Loud Volume


Product Detail :

  • Product Dimensions 7.1 x 2.1 x 2.8 inches
  • Item Weight 1.3 pounds
  • Speaker 20 watt
  • 25 Hours Long Battery – 4400mah battery
  • IPX4 Waterproof
  • Bluetooth up to 33 feet

When you look at this rectangular-shaped speaker, you must agree that it is so sturdy and rugged. But the rubberized exterior seems soft. The metal grill’s size is only 7-inch wide. That tells you it is portable and small.

Since it comes with the carabiner, you definitely can attach it to your camping tent or bag. The control buttons locate on speaker’s top. They work to increase and reduce the volume, rewind the song, turn the speaker on and answer/end the call.

Like the other cheap Bluetooth speakers, it is also equipped with built-in microphone, the USB charging port and 3.55mm audio cable. The auxiliary input jack is coated by rubber flap.

Vtin includes a rear-facing subwoofer and dual front-facing drivers. They deliver detailed highs and balanced mids. The audio output is really powerful and loud. It is perfect speaker to entertain a small to medium group.

In addition, Vtin’s battery life lasts for up to 25 hours. In this case, you play the music at 70% of maximum volume. While its 4,400mAh battery runs out after 20 hours of playback. It is surprisingly great for tiny portable.

The music keeps flowing even you place the speaker in the wet environment. Vtin is also resistant to water spray. Thanks to its IPX4 rating.


  • It withstands water drops.

  • This rugged speaker fits any outdoor activities.

  • Offers you clarity at its best.

  • There is easy-to-hook clip.

  • In the range of cheap Bluetooth speakers, its battery is the longest-lasting one.

  • You can enjoy the music for all day long.


  • The speaker does not perform low frequency at its finest.

Price : $29.99 

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6. AOMAIS Sport II Portable Wireless Cheap Bluetooth Speakers


Product Detail :

  • Product Dimensions 9.3 x 2.4 x 4.6 inches
  • Item Weight 1.3 pounds
  • 20W full-bodied stereo sound
  • Bluetooth V4.0 up to 33ft
  • 12 hours of playtime (At 50% volume)
  • IPX7 waterproof rating
  • Included 3.5 mm aux

Talking about the output power, it features 10-watt double channels and 52mm drivers. While, the signal to Noise Ratio (SNR) is at 70dB. To increase the power, you must connect it to another AOMAIS Sport II speaker.

The thing that might entice you is its reliable Bluetooth 4.0 connection. If you want to stream the music cordlessly, make sure your mobile phone is not more than 33 feet away.

When you open a package of cheap Bluetooth speakers, you will certainly find micro USB charging cable and 3.5mm input cable. Interestingly, this speaker also includes an inflatable bed to put your speaker on.

Do not hesitate to use it by the pool or at the lake. Its IPX7 rating means it survives water splashes. Even, it has great endurance in 1m-deep water for a half hour. Plus, it withstands shock, dust, mud, rain and snow.

The control buttons of AOMAIS Sport II speaker is covered by rubber exterior. There are tiny LED lights to notify you whether it is on, pairing and getting low on juice.

Additionally, it comes with 1,800mAh battery. It is capable of providing you the music streaming for up to 12 hours on a full charge.

AOMAIS II Sport Speaker’s loud sound will steal the show in no time. The bass and tops are so crystal clear. Plus, it delivers detailed smooth mids.


  • It is durable speaker.

  • Premium sound performance.

  • Solid Bluetooth connection.

  • The design looks trendy and ultra-modern.

  • Free inflatable speaker bed.

  • Fast Bluetooth pairing process.


  • No wrist band or hook.

Price : $29.99 

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Those cheap bluetooth speakers are worthy of consideration. They provide you great impact and outstanding features. Make sure you buy the one that meets your need.

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