5 BEST Bluetooth Speakers Motorcycle

When you are traveling by motorcycle, it is incomplete without listening to your favorite music. However, motorcycles usually do not have built-in speakers. In this case, you need to buy Bluetooth speakers motorcycle.

By adding Bluetooth speaker to the chopper, you can conveniently enjoy the stunning scenery while speeding down the road. Since there is a huge selection of audio extras that might make you overwhelmed. So, here are our reviews for you.

1. BOSS Audio MC420B Bluetooth Speakers Motorcycle

1 Bluetooth Speakers Motorcycle


Product Detail :

  • Product Dimensions  4 x 4.5 x 4 inches
  • Item Weight 4.5 pounds
  • Weatherproof Speakers
  • 600 Watt Max Amplifier
  • 3.5mm Aux Input Compatible Smartphones and MP3 Players
  • Bluetooth Audio Streaming
  • One Pair of Chrome 3″ Full Range Speakers
  • Wired Remote Volume Control

If you want to let your biker friends tune in to the music, it could be the perfect choice. You all will definitely be on a fantastic ride and taking lovely sound track at the same time.

BOSS Audio MC420B features adjustable stainless steel brackets. That means you are able to position them to your desired angle. Just attach the audio system to your motorcycle roll bars using metal clamps.

The chrome speakers are 3 inches in diameter. Even thought they are compact, they work really well in noise condition. Nothing stops you from streaming the music on the highway.

Their great performance are due to the capable amplifier. For the wattage, it wonderfully reaches up to 600 Watts. To connect your iPod or smartphone to the amplifier, you must use 3.5 mm audio plug.

But you can hear the songs over Bluetooth too. As the speakers are wireless, they will give you pleasant riding experience.

As high wattage Bluetooth speakers motorcycle, you must think they are gonna be overheating. Do not be wrong. Some motorcyclists say that they are not heating up at all after a long time.

Then, you should consider your safety when you purchase bike speaker. And BOSS Audio MC420B is all you need. Because it is packaged with in-line volume control. You can surely change its loudness without holding your phone.

Best of all, the volume control is resistant to water. Plus, the speaker bodies are entirely waterproof. Unarguably, they withstand the heavy rain. Their models won’t trap the rain moisture for sure.

Not only that, they are also weatherproof. Their speaker systems are not damaged by fog as well. Do not worry to leave your Bluetooth speakers motorcycle in the outdoor area.

Unfortunately, they have the downside. According to review, some users experience 1 of 10 amplifier fusesis just 120 Watts. As the result, they cannot comfortably enjoy the music during fast driving.

Overall, BOSS Audio MC420B is worth to buy. You must wire it up properly when you install it. Providing the extra care is important as well asmaintainingits durability.


  • BOSS MC420B is suitable for high-traffic road.

  • The speakers are extremely durable.

  • Small audio systems fitany handlebars.

  • You can install them with ease.

  • Helps you stay focused on riding the motorbike.

  • Brackets can be adjusted.

  • There is no heating in them.


  • If you are unlucky, you will get one amplifier fuse that is not working at its best.

price : $81.35 

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2. LEXIN S3 3” Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers Motorcycle with FM Radio


Product Detail :

  • Product Dimensions  9 x 7.6 x 4.7 inches
  • Item Weight 1.01 pounds
  • 3” stereo speakers
  • 50-watt power amplifier
  • Mounting Hole Size:1″-1.25”
  • Waterproof Design
  • Bluetooth v4.0
  • FM radio tuner

Nothing beats the pleasure of streaming the radio on a road voyage. Dream of it? Turn it into reality then. LEXIN S3 Bluetooth speakers motorcyle is strongly recommended.

The built-in FM tuner allows you to listen to the local radio. It obviously saves your smartphone’s battery. Additionally, you can hear various music genres from classic jazz to popular one along the journey.

Do not be afraid of dead speakers. It is featured with a USB power. You are able to charge those electronic devices whenever you want. This element creates super handy speakers.

Another good news is they possess the weatherproof quality. The bikers can use them for high speeds of up to 128 kilometres per hour or 80 miles per hour (mph). That’s why they are such loud motorcycle sound systems.

You can certainly install the speakers yourself. Mount them on the motorbike gatekeepers or handlebars. After that, interface them to their outfits. Let the music play via Bluetooth.

LEXIN S3 Bluetooth speakers motorcycle is fantastic for cycling, ATV riding and racing as well. Wherever the speakers are placed, they always produce magnificent A2DP stereo sound.

The housing has metallic finishing and polish chrome treatment which offer a stylish look. They are also equipped with 50-watt electronic power amplifier. It is specifically designed to enhance the power of radio signals.

The control knob is available. It functions to turn the power on and off. It consists of some music control buttons such as loudness control, playback, FM radio selection, pause, and track.

All buttons are situated on the left speaker. Say goodbye to remote control because the buttons are within arm reach.

When you want to directly play the music from the mobile phone, just plug in your USB. Be sure you have filled it with the catchy songs. And thanks to the Bluetooth v4.0 connectivity. It is energy-efficient and generates clear sound.


  • LEXIN’s installation is easy-peasy. Just pair it with your smart phone via Bluetooth.

  • The appearances of speakers are visually striking.

  • This bar-mount motorbike speaker handles all the weathers.

  • FM tuner is absolutely functional.

  • The control buttons are reachable.

  • Provides you premium sound.

  • Latest Bluetooth technology results in long battery life.

  • For those on a budget, buying LEXIN S3 is the right decision.


  • Their sizes may be quite tiny for big motorbike.

  • Probably, you have to install it with new screws, not the ones included in the kit.

price : $69.99 

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3. ATV Speaker System | BOSS Audio ATV25B ATV/UTV Sound System


Product Detail :

  • Product Dimensions 29.2 x 13.8 x 12 inches
  • Item Weight 12.45 pounds
  • Fully Marinized/Weatherproof
  • 450 Watts Max Power Amp
  • Aux Input compatible with Smartphones and MP3 Players
  • Bluetooth Stream and Control
  • 6.5″ Poly Injection Cone Speakers
  • 1.5″ High Performance Soft Dome Tweeters
  • Multifunction Bluetooth Inline Remote
  • Compatible with 12V Power Source

Do you have a love for an off-road cruise? If yes, BOSS ATV25B will entice you in no time. You will cross the bumpy lava terrain and rivers in more interesting way.

This speaker system is supremely convenient to use because of its form. The outer shell has U shape. There are two 1.5-inch tweeters and two 6.5-inch speakers inside it.

Since BOSS ATV25B is for outdoor usage, you can plug it into 12-Volt power outlets. When you are out of home, charge it via the chopper’s battery. It has generally been included in your installation kit.

This audio system will be working if you transmit it to your phone with 9-inch speaker cable or 3.5mm headphone jack. You also can go for the wireless option as well by means of Bluetooth.

To raise or lower the volume on your speaker, the ATV driver must use an in-line remote control. It provides multi-functional buttons. So, you will have an enjoyable riding even the road is rocky.

In addition, it comes with the 450-Watt built-in amplifier. Although, the wattage is not so high, the performance is still good on noisier track. If driving an ATV on public road is legal in your country, streaming the spotify is brilliant idea.

However, this portable audio system does not only fits the ATVs, but also sides by sides and UTVs.

It is also well-equipped. To mount the speaker, the manufacturers include a velcro, bracket, two zip ties and some straps. You may put it on the front rack of the quad, back rack, or handle bars.

When the rain pours down, you shouldn’t be worried. Protect your phone by stashing it in the case inside the speaker.

Since it is essentially made for the outdoor activity, ATV25B Bluetooth speakers motorcycle is fully weather resistant. The mud and water splashes are not big problems of course.


  • The features are nearly endless.

  • ATV25B is perfect for any motorcyle and 4 wheeler.

  • It has marvelous sound quality whether you are in woods or on the muddy road.

  • Playing the music on the go is getting more entertaining.

  • The internal case prevents you from ruining your mobile phone.

  • Remote controller improves your safety as you ride an ATV.

  • The ATV25B’s removal and installation are not difficult.

  • Its design is simple yet sophisticated.


  • You may need an adapter in case the power terminal is incompatible.

price : $134.99 

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4. Golden Hawk 600W Amplifier 4” Full Range Stereo Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers Motorcycle


Product Detail :

  • Product Dimensions 5.2 x 3.8 x 2 inches
  • Item Weight 14.6 pounds
  • 600W Amplifier 2 Channel 4” 
  • 3.5mm Audio Jack AUX IN Available
  • FM Radio Ready 
  • IP56 Waterproof Design (Speaker Only)
  • Bluetooth 4.1

Love jamming with the music? Golden Hawk is such true game changer when you are having a road trip. This Bluetooth speakers motorcycle is great addition to any UTV, ATV and electric bike too.

It is completely safe because it comes with waterproof strong case. Moreover, it plays as the decorative accessory for your motorcycle. There are 2 available color options, chrome and matte black.

If you wish your trip accompanied with your favorite playlist, listen to music from your flash drives or memory cards. It features USB hub and micro SD card slot. The frequency ranges from 165Hz to 12kHz. It is worth it.

The maximum wireless connection via Bluetooth is approximately 15 meters. That indicates you don’t have to touch your mobile phone. It also accesses the signals from some FM radio stations.

As terrific Bluetooth speakers motorcycle, it is featured with LED speakers. The sound couldn’t be more tremendous.

Look at it closely and you will notice that there is digital clock. It is very helpful especially when you are on the road. To control the volume and sountracks, press the buttons along with the clock. They are practical and make your life easier.


  • Golden Hawk takes the tune anywhere you want due to its waterproof character.

  • The colors are elegant and fitting for any gender.

  • As mountable speaker, installation process does not consume your time.

  • The frequency range is incredible.

  • Mode and power buttons are available.

  • Digital clock gives you much better accuracy than the analog one.

  • The wireless device can go quite far.

  • Despite it is high-quality, the price is still affordable.

  • Perfect for Motorcycle ATV UTV Electric Bike Marine Boat


  • AM radio signals are not accessible.

price : $77.99 

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5. Familyus New Style Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers Motorcycle


Product Detail :

  • Product Dimensions 10.3 x 3.3 x 3.1 inches
  • Item Weight 1.4 pounds
  • IP4 Water Resistant
  • FM radio
  • TF/USB/AUX-IN playback
  • Output power: 2x7W

For you who will travel to subtropical or tropical area, you must consider about the rainfall. And Familyus New Style Speaker matches excellently with your motorbike because it is fully waterproof.

Jamming on the rainy road is possible for sure. Thanks to its IP4 feature. It helps resist the occasional splashes of water. Too much moisture is still not acceptable though.

The design of this Bluetooth speakers motorcycle is seriously classy. It is made out of metal aluminum. Then, the machine stripe and double horn hollow out lend the speaker ultra-modern and polished look. Such a nice chopper’s accessory.

To hear the songs from your mobile phone, just utilize it by way of Bluetooth connection. Most bikers typically opt for the wireless method. You can stream the music from iPod and MP3 player too because the 3.5 mm input is included.

How is about tuning in to local FM Radio? Indeed, this versatile audio system lets you listen to music from any radio station.

Familyus New Style Speaker isavailable with 1-inch diameter mounting bracket on the left side. Digital monitor aims to show the current radio station. This cylinder audio extra has 6 buttons for mode, radio, clock, volume and power.

The size is approximately 3.1-inch diameter and 10.3-inch long. It is exactly a compact motorbike speaker. It comes with TF card and USB slots as well.

When it comes to the music quality, it produces premium sound and accoustics. Its treble, bass and vocals are free from distortion. You will get oomph even you ride the bike above a speed of 55mph.

To protect your hearing from rich and full sound, you have to wear a helmet. Purchasing this Bluetooth speakers motorcycle is such a good investment. It is really worth the money.


  • Since it comes in bullet design, it seems so innovative and handy.

  • It is totally waterproof, you can keep riding in the light and heavy rains.

  • Familyus has radio, Bluetooth connectivity and alarm functions.

  • TF card and USB card reader are available.

  • You can mount this speaker on your handle with a little effort.

  • The speaker gives you decent audio during high-speed driving.


  • If you expect to hear louder and richer sound, it is not the greatest option for you.

price : $39.98 

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Hence, those are some high recommended Bluetooth speakers motorcycle. When you pick the speaker, please consider the wattage, its type and additional features. By owning the audio extra, you won’t envy the cagers anymore. For other review you can go to [Homepage]

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