5 Best Bluetooth Home Speakers

Bluetooth home speakers come in all sizes and shapes. People choose a speaker based on their need for an entertainment of the house. Bluetooth speaker is one type of wireless speakers that offers powerful chambers of sound with no cable.

This is the perfect choice for your house entertainment if you don’t want to deal with string wires. The speaker of your choice will have been made with a lot of built-in amps and DACs which can be custom-tuned to replicate the music with the source as close as possible.

Exploring the feature of the Bluetooth home speakers are an important thing to do to get the most suitable speaker for your house. Well, here are 5 top recommendation of best Bluetooth speakers you can buy.

1. Edifier R1700BT

Bluetooth home speakers

Product Detail :

  • Product Dimensions 6in×9.75in×8in(W×H×D )
  • Item Weight 6.6kg
  • RMS 15W×2 + 18W×2
  • 16-foot/5-meter speaker cable
  • Remote Control

The brand of Edifier offers some of the best solutions for you who want to have your speakers with high fidelity or hi-fi. This version of Edifier speaker which is named as R1700BT is by far one of the most impressive wireless home speakers of this type that you can get just under $200.

Design & Build

If you are looking for a speaker with an aesthetic design, you won’t get it from a product of Edifier. Because they don’t pay too much attention to the taste of aesthetics when it comes to outer design. But, it doesn’t mean that the design of this R1700BT is not great.

Aside from its minor differences, most of the speakers from Edifier share a similar physical design. The solution of their aesthetic issue is the wooden panels. It’s got a natural finish which makes it more elegant. The panels sandwich a composite core.

This speaker’s body has its own plastic portion that so sturdy and it works well for the acoustics. It has an angled design that comes with a grille which will be better if it doesn’t exist. This home speaker has a refined look.

Features & Performance

In Edifier R1700BT, you will have a set of active speaker that deliver 15 watts RMS each. It comes with a 2-band equalizer on the speaker with its volume control. As we know, we are talking about Bluetooth home speakers here. So, you can control this speaker with Bluetooth and also a remote.

That’s why this amazing speaker is ready to be used by attractive users who like a good tone. Compared to the other speakers which are in the same type, this speaker comes across as quite complex.

The performance of this Bluetooth speaker also needs to be mentioned. An Edifier R1700BT give you a very well balanced performance which is suitable in hi-fi area. It’s got a full-of-warmth tone and trebles.

One thing that can be a bother is the bass. The drivers seem to be incapable of providing too much definition. Edifier tries to compensate using a lot of air movement, instead. Well, it’s not gonna be a big deal considering the target of this speaker market.


This well-balanced speaker has a decent design and performance in a format which is highly flexible and versatile in nature. It’s a perfect speaker you can have as your Bluetooth home speakers if you want a more refined general purpose for it.

  • Adorable midrange

  • Elegant wooden touch

  • Budget-friendly price

  • Full of warmth and clarity sound

  • Fairly thin treble

  • Bass driver not effective

  • Control finish issues

price : $149 

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2. Audioengine A5+

Product Detail :

  • Product Dimensions 10.75″ (27cm) x 7″ (18cm) x 9″ (23cm)
  • Item Weight 15.4 lbs ( Left ), 9.6 lbs ( Right )
  • 150W peak power total (50W RMS / 75W peak per channel), AES
  • 10K ohms unbalanced
  • Bluetooth 5.0 audio Up to 100ft (30m)

It’s a perfect speaker which is designed for your home entertainment. It’s big, loud, and remarkably fun to listen to. That’s why this Audioengine A5+ is one of the best Bluetooth home speakers in the market.

Design & Build

This brand is well-known for their great-performance products, including this A5+. We’ll talk further about the performance later but now let’s focus on the design and build. It seems like Audioengine doesn’t really spend a lot of efforts to design the A5+ speaker.

As you can see, they use the classic MDF box that we all know would be suitable for a great speaker. Some people might be pretty disappointed with the design because it doesn’t match with the quite high price. But, this way will reduce costs or production and it’ll affect the performance too.

The size is not too big, but not too small. In an aesthetic way, this speaker looks fairly attractive. You’ll love this speaker’s look if you want to keep it simple for your lower mid-range active speaker.

Features & Performance

Talking about features, Audioengine A5+ Bluetooth Home Speakers pack with two excellent transducers each. The I/O clusters include the RCA variable output, a USB power port, and Passive speaker outputs.

We tried to find what this speaker had missed and we did it. This Audioengine A5+ doesn’t have a room for acoustics control. Instead, it’s got a two-band EQ that will give these an edge. Well, that’s not gonna be a bad case for this speaker.

As we told early, this speaker has a great performance. It’s also super easy to use which put many passive models to shame. This bookshelf speaker has a great tone, to say the least. The 5-inch woofer has done a great job to make the trebles bright and responsive.

The key to having an outstanding overall listening experience is in the positioning. You have to consider where to put your speaker. Placing them properly will affect your listening experience. Make sure you keep the Bluetooth home speakers away from the wall.


Audioengine A5+ speakers are a great set of active speakers you can buy for your Bluetooth home speakers. It’s got very little issues compared to the other similar models. The most essential thing to mention about this speaker is the fact it’s easy to use.

  • Great performance and listening experience

  • Many powers at your fingertips

  • Simple, classic MDF body design

  • Super easy to use

  • Disappointing acoustics control

  • Quite a high price

price : $499 

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3. Marshall Stanmore Bluetooth Home Speakers

Product Detail :

  • Product Dimensions 13.77 x 7.28 x 7.28 in
  • Item Weight 11.25 lb
  • Portable Bluetooth player with 80W output.
  • 3.5 mm Input
  • RCA Input

In 2013, Marshall Stanmore was released to make a good impression in the market. And, it was a great success. This Bluetooth speaker is still quite popular until now. A Stanmore speaker is a combination of powerful sound and classic look of Marshall guitar amplifier.

Design & Build

When people want to know about the design of this speaker, it doesn’t take much time to explain. Well, it’s a Marshall. The name “Marshall” itself is enough to describe the design. They’re pretty much set in their own way which is a good thing for them.

The design looks exactly like the famous guitar amp from Marshall, only smaller. Obviously, it doesn’t look like a Bluetooth speaker, it’s a smaller amp for your guitar. Well, it’s a unique touch that Marshall offers the market.

This unique speaker is wrapped with classic black vinyl and woven grille at the front. When you look closely, this Stanmore speaker is not that small either. It’s a bit larger than most Bluetooth home speakers in the market.

Features & Performance

Dealing with features, Marshell kept stuff really simple. It’s packed with Bluetooth 4.0 support, a set of standard RCA inputs, and a 3.5mm AUX input. The controls are not average because it has a three-band EQ standard.

What’s so great about this speaker is its power delivery. You don’t need a battery to operate it, just use the power outlet to plug the speaker. That’s why it’s perfect for home use. But, you’re still able to operate it wirelessly with your smartphones or a remote.

What about the sound performance? Well, it sounds so impressive. It’s got a fairly wide and saturated mids with the existence of the bass.

You can set the sound result with the AQ according to the size of your room. It would bring a great sound for the room acoustics. To be honest, this speaker offers a great performance as long as you don’t move this thing because it can’t be moved out of the wire’s range.


It’s not a great piece, it’s a masterpiece from Marshall brand. This Bluetooth speaker offers features people don’t get to see that often at a price of $241 on Amazon. The absence of the battery can be an issue here, but people consider this as the one to buy not only because of the battery lack.

  • The latest version of Bluetooth

  • Impressive sound performance

  • Lacks of battery

price : $241

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4. Bose SoundTouch 20 wireless speaker

Product Detail :

  • Product Dimensions 7.4″ H x 12.4″ W x 4.1″ D
  • Item Weight 7lbs
  • Works with Alexa for voice control
  • AUX input
  • Remote control

Just by looking at it, you will acknowledge that a Bose SoundTouch speaker is a well-polished one. This Bose product seems to be heading in the right direction. But, the sound quality doesn’t match the high price of $350.

Design & Build

It’s a relatively compact speaker that has a fairly minimalist design. Compared to the Bose’s famous SoundLink speakers, this SoundTouch speaker has a few more buttons. Some people call this wireless speaker as the shrunken SoundTouch 30.

The shape and size are quite friendly to your shelf. So, it’s very suitable to be your Bluetooth home speakers. It comes with two colors to choose, black and white.

Features & Performance

The direct competition of SoundTouch 20 is the famous Sonos Play 3 speaker. So, to talk about the features, we need to draw a comparison between SoundTouch and Sonos. Both of these speakers are having smartly-designed system components that can be connected to a wireless network.

Both of the Bluetooth home speakers’ system offers the ability to connect multiple speakers all over the house without latency. The feature of SoundTouch that Sonos doesn’t have is a complex design approach.

Generally, this Bose’s product produces a warm and tight sound which will be suitable to hide the issues of ripped music. Particularly, the vocal sound is served very well. For a small-sized speaker, it has an impressive bass response.


We all agree that this Bose’s Soundtouch 20 offers an excellent form factor and a solid sound quality. The wireless system is also very intuitive and worked really well. Of course, there are some slight disappointments with the sound performance.

  • Solid, clear sound

  • Intuitive wireless system

  • Well-functioned streaming options

  • Balancing issues

  • Disappointing sound performance in some area

price : $349 

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5. DOSS SoundBox XL 32W

Product Detail :

  • Product Dimensions 11.8 x 2.6 x 5.2 in
  • Item Weight 3.46 lbs
  • Bluetooth, wireless, Micro Usb
  • Built-in li-ion 2200mAh 
  • Bluetooth 4.0 connection up to 33ft
  • Louder Volume 20W Driver, Enhanced Bass with 12W Subwoofer

The last but not the least Bluetooth home speakers you can buy for your home entertainment. DOSS SoundBox XL is a best sounding budget Bluetooth speaker. It comes in single that sounds like a full-fledged system of stereo.

Design & Build

The size of the speaker looks bigger than you expect. It stands about 5 inches tall and below 12 inches wide. The weight is fairly hefty which affect the portability of the speaker.

Over the front face of this speaker is a large aluminum mesh. The mesh conceals the two main drivers, passive bass radiators, and a subwoofer. The whole body build is made from plastic except the buttons which are made of brushed metal.

Features & Performances

With a single speaker, this outstanding speaker produces an enhanced stereo sound with rich bass, crystal highs, and tight mids. The sound performance is powerful enough to fill your room. It’s powered by a built-in Li-Ion rechargeable Battery with the capacity of 2200mAh.

For a speaker in this range of market, it surpassed my expectations. It delivers a quality above its class. You will feel like you are listening to a much more expensive Bluetooth speaker.


It’s an affordable Bluetooth speaker that is ready to impress people above its class. You will get more than you are expected from this budget speaker. A low-end product that delivers a high-end quality, that’s the right description for this speaker.

  • Outstanding Sound quality

  • Affordable

  • Impressive stereo sound

  • No USB charging

  • Low-end Build quality

price : $69 

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In Conclusion

Those 5 best Bluetooth home speakers are full of features you need for a home entertainment. Choose one according to your needs and personal taste. They all come with some reasonable prices. You can select one based on your budget.

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